Saturday, 30 November 2013

Glasgow helicopter crash - the ramifications

In the same year that all Scottish police constabularies were merged into one remote, over-bureaucratic monolith - Police Scotland - to please the European Union, which wants just one constabulary per EU region, a police helicopter has just crashed through the roof of a single-storey Glasgow pub, killing at least eight people and injuring many more. Called the Eurocopter, this foreign aircraft was built according to EU design standards, but has a poor safety record - five of them, commissioned for civilian use, have crashed in Scotland alone during the last four years. However, the regulatory authorities are always reluctant to blame the helicopter's rather glaring design faults.

Now construct a sentence to include "corruption", "Brussels" and "SNP".

Police Scotland is now without a single helicopter. On the plus side, constabulary merger will disguise the poor crime-solving record of Strathclyde Police, whose remit included Glasgow. Centralisation will also enable the Scottish Executive to crack down harder on civil rights, whilst enjoying a monopoly in procurement kickbacks.

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