Tuesday, 19 November 2013

English accents under attack

Pupils told not to sound local

"Children at a primary school in the West Midlands have been told to speak proper English instead of the Black Country dialect to halt a ‘decline in standards’. Those who say they ‘cor do that’ – ‘can’t do that’ – will not be punished, but they will be corrected every time they utter an outlawed phrase. Angry parents criticised the ban at Colley Lane Primary School in Halesowen, claiming it is ‘snobbish’ and ‘insulting’."

Teacher told to sound local

A teacher was told by her school in the south of England to ‘sound less northern’, it has emerged. The unnamed teacher, from Cumbria, was set a target of ‘sounding more southern’ at her school in Berkshire following an Ofsted inspection. Union officials said they were ‘very disturbed’ by the development.....one parent [said]....'it’s like a religion; you can’t just change your religion. Your accent stays with you no matter where you go.’"

Moslems are seldom instructed to speak less Urdu, as a 14 year old found out to her cost.

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