Friday, 29 November 2013

Clowning around

Can inbreeding can cause a malformation of policing priorities? The dumplings of Norfolk provide some indication -

"Norfolk Police tried to reassure worried residents across the county after several sightings of people dressed as clowns through the night were reported. One member of the public said they were spooked by a clown in Gaywood, King's Lynn on Tuesday evening. The person was described as wearing a 'full clown outfit' with a red suit and red hair. [Police] said....The most effective way to behave if you are to see someone dressed up is to give no reaction – because that’s what they are after'."

But I didn't think inbreeding was a problem in Lancashire or Northampton, where mystery clowns are also popping up -

Police have appealed for calm following reports of a man seen dressed as a clown carrying a baseball bat. Officers in Lancashire have received numerous calls from frightened residents after sightings of the individual who reportedly resembles a character from a Stephen King horror novel. The sightings follow the Facebook frenzy caused earlier this year by prankster Alex Powell, the Northampton Clown, who dressed as Pennywise, from the film adaptation of King's book It.

Last month Council fascists were bombarded with hate mail when a local neurotic got them to remove a circus advertisement, because it had a picture of a clown on it. So why are some people afraid of clowns? And why do the authorities make such a big issue of them? Are clowns the harbingers of revolution? Or are people getting sadder and more pathetic instead? And why am I blogging about this anyway?


Keep it clean.....