Sunday, 3 November 2013

Baroness Ug to censor the press

...and Internet too, once the EU's censorship plans are fully implemented. As the Mail somewhat playfully puts it -

"Fears that the new organisation promoted by Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to muzzle, sorry, monitor the press, will be a disaster, will not be assuaged by reports that Labour’s Baroness Ashton, the EU’s lacklustre foreign policy chief, could be given the job of running it. Science-fiction fan Ashton, due to quit her EU role next year, has a life-size Dalek in the front room of her St Albans home. Let’s hope she doesn’t use it to exterminate 300 years of press freedom."

I'm surprised that Cathy Ashton hasn't exterminated the Dalek by now, just by looking at it. I pity the poor journalists who will have to face her wrath for not being as politically-correct as Brussels requires them to be (what made you think the Leveson Report was about phone hacking?).

No doubt Guardian hacks will be spared the ordeal of meeting her, but those from the tabloids might go the same way as Mr Creosote on entering her office, despite the Bill of Rights ban on "cruel and unusual punishments".


  1. Is she wearing that face for a bet?

    WOW! Outside of an autopsy room, I have NEVER seen anything THAT ugly!

    1. The drunken midwife got the afterbirth mixed up with the baby.....


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