Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Another EU power grab

The EU Court of Justice (not to be confused with the Strasburg one) has created some case law. From UKIP -

"UKIP Spokesman Tim Aker has slammed another European ruling that once again demonstrates the British government's subservience to the European Courts. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the European Charter of Fundamental Rights will be enforceable in Britain. That is despite Mr Justice Mostyn, one of Britain's most senior judges, making clear that the Lisbon Treaty originally provided an opt-out for Britain. 'Britain's Human Rights should be decided by our own politicians in our own Parliament. Instead, far from taking powers back from Brussels, David Cameron presides over a government that is still pathetically weak in standing up to European meddlers. Once again we see that Tory euroscepticism is a pipedream rather than a working reality' said Mr. Aker who is Head of UKIP’s Policy Unit and a European Election candidate."

So the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, with its right to kill you on any pretext, is now enforceable in British courts.

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