Sunday, 17 November 2013

A suspicious death (contd).....

Curiouser and curiouser -

"A confined spaces expert who gave evidence at the inquest of dead M16 agent Gareth Williams, has questioned suggestions that the spy's death was accidental. Peter Faulding....said that he could lock himself in the bag - but was unable to put the padlock on.....that there was no DNA traces on the padlock or outside of the bag, and that Gareth's 'foetal position' and 'calm manner' indicated that his body was placed into the bag after his death."

No, no, move along, nothing to see here. As the article adds, "however this week the Metropolitan Police said an evidence review had found 'it was more probable' no other person was present when he died in his London flat." Which is basically what the Yard facetiously claimed last year, when I blogged about this strange case. And now a Soviet defector has claimed that Williams was murdered by the Russian FSB because he was about to reveal the identity of an MI6 employee working for them as a double agent.

Which would be odd, because MI6 wouldn't allow a defector to spread rumours like this - and certainly wouldn't have given him this "bombshell new information" to spread around in the first place, as he claims.

More likely MI6 told him to muddy the waters by blaming the Russkies for the murder they seem to have carried out themselves, in the hope that this would be believed by those who see the Litvinenko killing as proof that the Cold War isn't really over. But why would MI6 have killed Williams? As a professional hacker perhaps Williams had discovered evidence of illegal US spying on her European allies, which we now know to be rampant.

It wouldn't be the first time that MI6 had bumped off a Briton for the convenience of the Americans...


  1. Nice one - I do like these kinds of things though wouldn't fancy being the body. The cavalier approach of the PTB is alive and well.


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