Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Why Tommy Robinson left the EDL

This is a comment following a blog post on why the EDL leader has quit. Make of it what you will......

Petra Thompson

"The media, governments, 'anti-fascist' think-tanks and organisations spent 4 years telling nazis and racists 'EDL is the place for you'. It looks like keeping them out finally got too much for Tommy. I have been on the Left and an anti-racist for the past 35 years. I have been at EDL meetings where someone identified himself as being a Nazi. He was told to leave the meeting. When he refused he was told he would be killed if he didn't leave. After he had gone a stranger spoke up (he had been in the doorway listening to the meeting). The stranger was a barrister of the High Court in London (the meeting was held above his regular pub). The barrister said 'I've been listening to your meeting out of curiosity, and you are nothing like the media portray you. I was so delighted to see that you would have no truck with that racist'."

"If the Nazis do take over EDL, it won't be Tommy's fault. It will be the fault of the media, the government and the Left. These organisations ignored all the contrary evidence -- black and white men from EDL appearing on BBC news and burning a swastika and denouncing nazism, EDL foot-soldiers hospitalising Nazis who turned up at joint EDL/muslim meetings, the Sikh leader, the black members, the asian members, the Jewish and LGBT Divisions, the support for Israel. In the last few weeks, EDL has had more fans on Facebook than any of the UK political parties, and by that measure alone EDL is the most popular political organisation in Britain. Of course the middle class elite who run the country had to destroy it. Thing is, they might instead of created the creature they falsely claimed it to be."

Wonder why there are so many "nazis and racists" nowadays? Thanks Dazed and Confused for the link.


  1. Yes, self-fulfilling prophecy is what it's called. A great pity.

  2. This is how they do it - EDL was a threat and the media started, followed by placemen. Etc. Post coming up.

  3. Very interesting to see what shape the EDL assumes in future....


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