Thursday, 3 October 2013

Victim Culture News

From the Bournemouth Daily Echo comes news of little Hitlers who have been trying to spoil other people's fun.

"A fancy dress store has defended its controversial Halloween outfits after two supermarket chains withdrew theirs from sale. Costumes at the Hollywood Party Centre in Post Office Road include Smiffy’s Hell’s Asylum range of hospital themed horror gear, as well as zombie nuns and priests and Osama Bin Laden masks. On Wednesday Asda removed its 'mental patient fancy dress costume' and Tesco its 'psycho ward costume' after the retail giants faced widespread criticism on Twitter, and from mental health charities. However store manager Ursula Vick said they were just a bit of fun. 'It is certainly not our intention to stigmatise people with mental health problems, and I know people in that position,' she said. 'They think the costumes are just a bit of fun, and we have never had any complaints'.....[but] staff at Bournemouth’s Cherry Tree Nursery, a gardening project for people with mental health issues, said they were outraged"

Yup, the only people who claim to have been upset are the twitterati, spokesparasites for the charity industry, and a few Bournemouth mental health workers - not the alleged victims. However, Echo hacks are so scared of being nicked by the Thought Police that they have described the outfits as "controversial". Unlike the zombie nun and priest gear, because so far, no online saddos or third party vested interests have dubbed Catholics as victims. 

Still, it can't be long before some self-hating white leftist gets offended by the Osama Bin Laden masks....

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