Sunday, 20 October 2013

Too many chiefs, part two

Two years ago I quoted the crazy overmanning of officers in the British Army, at a time when overall soldier numbers are being reduced. The same applies to the Royal Navy, which is likewise being slashed of manpower -

"The Royal Navy has 15 times more commanding officers than active warships, it has been revealed. Following crippling defence cuts, there are now 40 admirals and 260 captains but just 19 ships. The statistics were exposed by Tory MP James Clappison during a defence debate in the Commons....he highlighted the plight of the Navy by revealing there are now 13 captains for every destroyer and frigate, and about two admirals – who each earn more than £100,000 a year – per warship. He said: ‘In the past the dream of a captain in the Navy might have been to command his own ship. Today, it might be that dream is simply to set foot on a ship.’"

Parkinson's Law suggests that such bureaucratic inefficiency is inevitable. It sure is when it's the officers who make the cuts - they're hardly likely to sack themselves, are they? Now if it was down to the non-commissioned ranks......


  1. Isn't a large officer corp necessary so that an effective rapid military expansion can occur when necessary.


  2. And thats why my best friends husband went to New Zealand after 30 years in the Royal Navy, he worked his ass off for promotion finally got it and then they tried to pension him out. NZ were very happy to take him and his experience.

    1. Good for him, but I'm buggered if I know why your comments bypass my Gmail inbox, where I vet my Blogger comments. I have to fish them out of Blogger's back end.


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