Friday, 25 October 2013

Some thoughts on the new Archbishop of Canterbury

What kind of name is "Justin" for an Archbishop of Canterbury - as in Justin Welby? What's wrong with real archbishops' names, like Donald (as in Coggan) or Robert (as in Runcie)? Justins are to be found in Hampstead, sipping skinny lattes in the front window of Starbucks while they fiddle with their eight-gigapixel iPhones. Justins read the Guardian and talk about global warming. Most Justins are gay, but the straight ones marry Mayas, have children called Pellagra and Tintin, and send them to organic, rainbow playgroups which boycott Israeli fruit. True, there was a Byzantine emperor called Justin who considered himself to be head of the worldwide Church. But the last proper churchman to be called Justin died in the third century AD. Just wanted to get this off my chest. "Justin". I ask you.

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  1. I agree, Justin is nearly as bad as Crispin, at least hes not Crispin Welby that really would be the giddy limit.


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