Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Social fascism

Spiked recites some of the latest suggestions for forcing us to become healthy citizens -

"An abridged list of policies that have been proposed in the name of ‘public health’ in recent months includes: minimum pricing for alcohol, plain packaging for tobacco, a 20 per cent tax on fizzy drinks, a fat tax, a sugar tax, a fine for not being a member of a gym, graphic warnings on bottles of alcohol, a tax on some foods, subsidies on other foods, a ban on the sale of hot food to children before 5pm, a ban on anyone born after the year 2000 ever buying tobacco, a ban on multi-bag packs of crisps, a ban on packed lunches, a complete ban on alcohol advertising, a ban on electronic cigarettes, a ban on menthol cigarettes, a ban on large servings of fizzy drinks, a ban on parents taking their kids to school by car, and a ban on advertising any product whatsoever to children."

No, I didn't notice the erosion of our civil rights in any of the 2010 party manifestos either.

Once the Church tithed, repressed and punished people for their alleged sins, to make them weak with guilt and so unable to rise up against their feudal exploiters. Now it's the turn of the secular church to tax, repress and punish us for our allegedly sinful pleasures, and the exploiters are those cheap labour employers who bribe mass immigration policy out of politicians to keep our wages low. Once the supposed reward for self-denial was Heaven, and now it's a future utopia of happiness and health. Jam tomorrow, in other words, but never jam today.

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