Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sad Britain

For once the old liar isn't directly to blame for opening the floodgates to foreigners whilst pretending that she is getting tough - junior is responsible instead. But this news is so very pathetic that I can hardly keep my typing finger from crumbling into dust -

"The Home Office faces fresh criticism for its tactics to tackle illegal immigration after more than 100 people complained about being sent text messages saying they had no right to stay in Britain. Almost 40,000 texts have been sent to people suspected of being in the country illegally. But....those to receive the messages include a civil rights campaigner who has been in Britain since 1966 and an immigration caseworker. It comes as Home Office minister Mark Harper signalled that controversial vans telling people to 'go home' could be used again despite opposition from the Lib Dems."

Deconstruction for saddos too demoralised to think any more -

The Home Office is not facing criticism for using pathetic gestures like text messages and poster vans to pinch back anti-immigrant votes from Ukip, for all the good such limp-wristed schemes might be able to achieve in getting illegal immigrants out of the country - which is precisely zip. No, it is being slated for texting, by mistake, a few people who seemingly have the legal right to be here, and for telling illegal immigrants to leave the country in a controversial way, whatever that means. Meanwhile illegal immigrants continue to pour into the country along with the legal ones oblivious of said text messages and poster vans as if borders had never been invented.

If you don't think this is all very sad then there must be something very sad about you.

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  1. I've just out of words and emotions on her and her kind.


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