Friday, 25 October 2013

Police to obey the law in future

Theresa May intends to rein in her blackshirted militias....which is something Mussolini promised to do once....

"The parade of officers before the Commons home affairs select committee this week to answer questions about 'Plebgate'....were accused of misleading the public about what was said during a meeting with Andrew Mitchell....that seemingly innocuous 47-second confrontation a year ago has become a major test of police probity and public trust. has become necessary for the Home Secretary to issue a 'code of ethics' and to remind police officers that they 'must respect and obey the law at all times'....Theresa May yesterday said it was 'astonishing' that the police have not had an explicit code of ethics before, an equivalent to the Hippocratic Oath for doctors."

And to further ensure that our feral police pay due regard to law and order in future, they might even have to wear cameras as well -

"The Mayor of London said that he is 'totally in favour' of police officers being issued with body-worn cameras. He echoed comments made by Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who said that he backs a call from David Davis, the senior Conservative MP for officers to wear a camera and microphone while on duty."

I don't think it will be "body-worn" exactly, but "helmet-worn" - after all, top-mounted CCTV cameras can swivel round 360 degrees under remote control, in order to catch everything a wayward police officer might get up to. 

Like popping down the off-license or taking illegal drugs - the new code bans officers from making themselves “unfit or impaired for duty as a result of drinking alcohol, using an illegal drug or using a substance for non-medical purposes or intentionally misusing a prescription drug”. In other words wait until you're off duty before you inject that heroin you confiscated Mr Plod, or you might get the sack - assuming that your superior officers aren't too drunk on Special Brew to focus their eyes on the CCTV footage, of course.

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