Friday, 18 October 2013

Murderer walks free.....

Meanwhile people are banged up in proper prisons for not paying their TV license fees. This is from the Mail -

"Police are warning people not to approach a convicted murderer who has escaped from a mental health centre. Lerone Michael Boye, 27, walked out of the medium security John Howard Centre in Kenworthy Road, Homerton, east London....He was sentenced to life last December for the murder of Kelvin Chibueze and told he must serve a minimum of 28 years."

So less than a year ago he was sentenced to life imprisonment (sic) for murder at a medium security (sic) mental health centre - which has been in the news before. A couple of months ago the Hackney Gazette reported that -

"Police are trying to track down a man who went missing three weeks ago from the John Howard Centre, a secure mental health unit in Kenworthy Road, Homerton. They have warned members of the public not to approach James Frank Lisbon, 34 - who is the subject of a hospital order.
 Mr Lisbon went missing from the John Howard Centre.....on Sunday August 4 after failing to return from unescorted leave."

But at least Homerton's scariest residence has now been demoted from a secure mental health unit to a semi-secure one. Who knows - at this rate, it might even become a "stay the night free after killing someone, but only if you feel like it" unit, which would no doubt vastly gratify those judges living in fear of their masters in Strasburg.

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