Saturday, 5 October 2013

Miliband's dad was a Nazi

Ralph Miliband, who had sworn an oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler at a Nuremberg rally, cheered as the SS and Wehrmacht gassed and shot ten million Jewish and Slav civilians. He had no time for the old Junkers class, or the German bourgeoisie come to that. Class, he asserted, should be dismissed as an irrelevance, and Race promoted instead. And he encouraged his two sons to think with their blood, too. There would soon be a New Order in Europe, and he wanted them to be in the vanguard of it - one of them might even succeed the F├╝hrer one day.


Ralph Miliband, who had sworn an oath of allegiance on the tomb of Karl Marx after being granted asylum in a country he hated, shrugged as Stalin completed the murder of thirty million peasants in forced collectivisation programmes. Although holding no brief for Britain's ruling classes, he educated his sons at a peasant-free comprehensive in an exclusive part of London. Whilst encouraging them to enter an establishment party where their privileged background would guarantee them Cabinet jobs, he remained a class warrior to the bitter end.

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