Monday, 14 October 2013

Greenpeace invaders still in clink

Thirty ex-public schoolboys are still locked up a Russian prison after trying to take over an oil rig, ramming a boat sent to intercept them, and being in possession of hard drugs. And these Quentins and Tristrams are said to be hopping mad about it.

What a contrast from the decadent West, where such Bullingdon types get away with murder - wrecking petrol stations, making death threats to members of staff, invading other countries' waters - and all thanks to their class and social connections.

The spoiled brats pretend that drilling through the sea bed, and even ceasing to drill through it, automatically pollutes the planet - hence the braying hordes' decision to take over the long-established Brent Spar rig when Shell tried to decommission it.

Ten years down a Siberian salt mine might cure these hooray henries....

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