Wednesday, 9 October 2013

EU smoking fascism update

Banning smokers from practically everywhere isn't enough, as UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall angrily relates -

"'This EU Tobacco Directive defies logic...banning packs of ten will not stop people smoking - it will just make them buy more cigarettes and make them poorer. Over one million people in the UK smoke menthol cigarettes. Banning menthol cigarettes will not stop them smoking, this measure will simply increase the black market. Furthermore, the attempt here to medicalise and shunt electronic cigarettes into pharmacies is devastating for people who are earnestly trying to give up smoking. Recent research has shown e-cigarettes are the most effective way to help people quit smoking if they want to. Large health warnings on cigarette packs will harm the packaging industry and make counterfeiting easier, leading to a fall in national government tax revenues."

(Picture shows a parish council loser who failed to stop people smoking in the streets, together with the cigarette ends which he threw down for the photo-shoot.)

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