Thursday, 3 October 2013

EU slaps down "Renegotiation" Cameron

All that rubbish about the Prime Minister intending to claw back powers from Brussels is just that - rubbish -

"In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, and a group of foreign newspapers, the President of the European Commission warned the Prime Minister that his strategy to claw back 'competences' from the EU would fail. He insisted that the only way to reform the EU was to review its acquis, a body of legislation estimated to comprise of over 150,000 pages of regulations, on a case-by-case basis."

Reviewing every EU law that's ever been passed? Barroso's having a bit of sarcastic fun at Cameron's expense. How about just giving powers back to the member states?

"'There are two ways. One is the pragmatic reasonable approach, seeing case by case whether legislation is needed or not,' he said, stressing that he was not intervening in British politics. 'The other one is to have a fundamental discussion about the competences of the EU, even in terms of renationalisation. I think the second approach is doomed to failure'."

Every EU treaty stresses "ever closer union" - that is, the eventual formation of one big state divided into regions which have been merged across former national boundaries. And giving powers back requires the approval of all 28 current member states - 

"'What is difficult, or even impossible, is if we go for the exercise of repatriation of competences because that means revising the treaties and revision means unanimity'...three weeks ago, Mr Barroso angered Downing Street by predicting that Ukip will become 'the first force in British elections' because voters will prefer the real Euroscepticism of Nigel Farage to the copycat Conservative imitation of it."

Barroso knows very well that Cameron's pretence at euroscepticism is just a cynical attempt to avoid losing votes to UKIP at the next election. Here are just a few examples of him yielding more and more powers to Brussels since he became Prime Minister. (Media censorship policy is made by the EU as well - so no wonder Cameron wanted the Mail banned from printing the grisly details of Ed Miliband's communist family past. His bosses did, too.)

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