Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Council fascists receive their just desserts

When bureaucrats abused their powers to ban a circus advertisement, they didn't bargain for the public backlash -

"A council official who ordered the removal of clown posters for the sake of a woman’s phobia has been bombarded with 'vile' hate mail. Lisa Jarvis, of Leighton-Linslade Town Council, was targeted in the aftermath of the decision to take down a metre-long banner from outside The Falcon on Stanbridge Road. A Leighton woman suffering from coulrophobia, an extreme or irrational fear of clowns, claimed she could not 'walk or drive past' the John Lawson’s Circus banner during its four-day stay at Parsons Close Recreation Ground."

At this point I would like to say to the anonymous neurotic who started all this "Get a life, you silly bitch. I don't like spiders much but I don't expect my local council to exterminate them." That's better. The article continues -

"Reacting to the news that both Lisa and town clerk, Mark Saccoccio, had received abusive emails following its removal on Wednesday, Councillor Ray Berry said: 'This is, unfortunately, the way of the world now as people have access to people’s details and are allowed to get away with it. It was described to me
 as ‘vile’ emails. I am disappointed it got this far, it has completely snowballed. I hope Lisa has not been too badly hurt and she can move on from this.'"

"'I believe John Lawson’s were the ones who contacted the press, which to me says it all, but they are getting to run away with it. They have used this as a publicity stunt and they have milked it. I do not believe we can let people who stab us in the back come here and claim to entertain people. I do hope it comes back to bite them, which I do believe will happen'.”

Summary. A well-connected woman asked some employees of the town council to ban an advertisement for the circus. The clerks concerned were then rightly attacked via their email inboxes for complying with this unprincipled and undemocratic request. Then a tame councillor (like this one) asserted that council employees should have their identities protected when they trashed other people's civil rights, and threatened future reprisals.

Contact details

Lisa Jarvis                   01525 631926
Mark Saccoccio   01525 631920
Ray Berry                       01525 870974


  1. Wondered how that one ended up. :)

    1. A new strategy for direct action is evolving....


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