Sunday, 13 October 2013

Council fascist tries to ban "smoking" caterpillar

Even if it only looks like it's having a smoke. Thanks Bucko for this priceless link -

"A wooden caterpillar ‘smoking’ an unlit shisha pipe in a shop window sparked a council alert. An over eager environmental health officer who visited Ewood Florist said the display item fell foul of anti-smoking laws. He told owner Debbie Schofield the caterpillar may be breaching laws preventing employees from smoking in the workplace. Debbie said....'It’s not even a real shisha pipe, it’s an ornament, it doesn't work. But he didn't have a problem with the shisha pipe, it was the caterpillar smoking on business premises. I said to him, even if it was a real caterpillar the chances of it lighting the pipe were pretty thin, but the fact that it’s a wooden caterpillar renders it impossible'.”

Debbie then booted the gauleiter out of her shop, although sadly not literally.

"A council spokeswoman said that the officer had entered the shop to check that shisha pipes were not being sold illegally. But after it was pointed out that shisha pipes can be sold without a licence, the council instead said that the officer had wanted to check that the florist was not also operating as an illegal shisha den."

Perhaps there are no other kinds of illegal den to investigate in Blackburn, although if you know of any, then why not give Environmental Health a ring on 01254 585475? Even if there aren't any, you could still give them a ring.


  1. Not only Environmental Health, but the Inland Revenue, and the D.H.S.S. I mean, if this catapilar really IS an employee, IS it paying tax? Has it declared its job to the bru? HAS it a full and proper work contract? Does it recieve the proper amount of breaks, and holidays?

    We NEED to know this!

    1. And has it experienced discrimination in the workplace....?

  2. OMG whatever next are they sure the caterpillar is not an illegal immigrant and they don't want to give it a free house and loads of benefits so it can bring over all it's relatives to smoke non functioning illegal hash pipes in Blackburn! Where has all the commonsense gone *deep sigh* I feel sooooo old.


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