Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bent Wirral

Sometimes even councillors aren't allowed to know why taxpayers' money is being spent -

"Wirral Council’s leader has refused to say whether he knew about a £48,000 'compensation' payment to a senior council officer....[there has been] email to all councillors from the authority’s chief executive Graham Burgess saying no comment could be made. Cllr Davies deflected the question and refused to be drawn on whether he had any knowledge of the payments – or the reason for it."

Wirral has a "cabinet" style of government - one which strips knowledge and power from the many and awards it to the select few, like a banana republic. Still, the unelected chief executive who gave this 48 grand to a crony tells us that he has "strong moral and legal reasons" for keeping quiet about it. So that's all right then.


  1. 'Bent' Wirral implies knowledge of 'straight' government dealings, Ian.
    Crown Prosecutor: Didn't you accept a thousand pounds to compromise this case?
    Council Jobsworth: (Stares at the walls, as if the question was unheard.)
    Crown Prosecutor: Isn't it true that you accepted a thousand pounds to compromise this case?
    Council Jobsworth: (Remains silent.)
    Crown Court Judge: (Peers over spectacles) You must answer the question.
    Council Jobsworth: (Startled) Oh, I thought he was talking to you!

    1. How true. The French say a fish starts rotting from the head down.....

  2. Test comment on behalf of James Higham, who has been having trouble posting at blogger sites.

    1. Comments SHOULD go to my Gmail inbox for moderation, but like this one, I sometimes have to hunt for them in Blogger admin.


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