Sunday, 15 September 2013

Yankee go home

I expect those Britons who don't live in Northern Ireland will find this news surprising too -

"Most Americans are surprised to learn of continued White House involvement in the Northern Ireland peace process, according to US envoy Dr Richard Haass. Speaking ahead of next week’s talks in Belfast with Northern Ireland’s main parties about unresolved issues including flags, parades and legacy issues from the Troubles, the US diplomat said there is 'enough concern to warrant this process and my participation in it. The US is quietly concerned at the persistence of segregation and confrontation between communities....and is keen to act'."

For over a hundred years our "special relationship" friends, anxious to curry votes from the Irish republican community, have been pressuring British governments to go soft on the IRA, and for most of that time have turned a blind eye to the raising of funds for that evil cause from within America itself. If it wasn't for Uncle Sam we would have rid the province of terrorism years ago, and not given in to the so-called "peace process"- the gradual surrender of Northern Ireland to the Irish Republic under White House supervision.

And now America is siding with terrorists in Syria, too. There isn't a country in the world that hasn't suffered from US intervention.

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