Friday, 27 September 2013

Well, Idi Amin wore a kilt, didn't he?

Scotland is becoming less Scottish -

"Scotland's population is growing more diverse and self-reliant, with a steep rise in people living alone and a doubling in the number of non-white residents, the latest census figures show. Statistics from the 2011 census reveal a decline in the number of people identifying themselves as Scots in the past 10 years, down by 100,000 people. But there has been an increase in Poles, south Asians and black residents."

"A more open approach to ­immigration in an independent Scotland is likely to meet with a public backlash, the Scottish Government has been warned. Both Labour and SNP administrations in recent years have voiced frustration at a lack of freedom to attract people with the right skills to address labour shortages north of the Border."

Polish more widely spoken than Gaelic -

"Twice as many people in Scotland said they spoke Polish at home compared to those who used Gaelic as their main language.....The number of Gaelic speakers fell by one thousand over the decade to 58,000....the Registrar General for Scotland, Tim Ellis, had a simple summary of the statistics. Scotland, he said, was becoming a 'much more colourful' country."

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