Wednesday, 11 September 2013

UN meddles in housing policy and parental rights

You'd think the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing had better things to do with her salary than interfere in the affairs of a first-world country, even if she was invited over by a prime minister who sucks up to foreigners -

"A United Nations official charged with examining the policy - introduced earlier this year to reduce the number of social tenants under-occupying their accommodation - said anecdotal evidence during her fact-finding visit to Britain has raised concerns about the happiness of those affected by the welfare reform measure."

The cheeky cow will be reporting her concerns to the UN Human Rights Committee. No doubt Raquel Rolnik is perfectly happy with housing provision in the slums of Sao Paulo (she lives up the hill), and no doubt the savage dictatorships represented on this committee from time to time are happy with their people's housing too, any residents who kick up a stink about it being rounded up and shot - mind you, that's just "anecdotal evidence". And it gets worse - the chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has instructed parents not to slap naughty children. Thunders Jean Zermatten -

"It violates children’s human dignity and inalienable human rights, and it negatively impacts on the enjoyment of many other rights and aspects of children’s development including their psychological, health, education and social status."

Wonder if this pompous Swiss has violated his parents' "human dignity and inalienable human rights" by having them bumped off at Dignitas yet, the law in his country allowing children to cash in on wills early so long as it's in the old gits' best interests? Or if he is even aware that in Africa many children don't get off with a light slapping for misbehaviour. If they belong to the wrong tribe their arms and legs are cut off with machetes instead.

You can bet that Cameron is listening to Zermatten closely. He's not just van Rompuy's fool, you know.


  1. Raquel Rolnik can f*** off back to her hell hole.

    1. Rolnik probably has an opinion on women being told to f*** off, too.


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