Saturday, 21 September 2013

UKIP is scaring the media

As the only outfit able to challenge the EU-loving, politically-correct parties goes from strength to strength, the EU-loving, politically-correct media is getting desperate. They might have to resort to serious journalism...

"A pixelation error on the BBC’s big screen at Media City in Salford meant Nigel Farage appeared to have grown Hitler-style moustache when speaking to BBC Breakfast on Friday morning. In an unfortunate incident similar to a Father Ted episode where a perfectly square piece of dirt gave the Irish priest a moustache, the Ukip leader was left talking about an immigration crackdown with a large black pixel over his upper lip. He had been talking to the broadcaster about Enoch Powell following revelations that teachers saw him as a 'racist' and a 'fascist' at school."

Rumours from Farage's schooldays, a Hitler moustache...the hacks aren't bothered about UKIP policies (such as a Sovereign Wealth Fund for shale gas revenues), but prefer to get personal instead. So it's only fair to attack the BBC's favourite party in a similar vein. 4% of us think Elvis is still alive - twice the number who see Miliband as a natural leader.

The rest of us see him as the bloke in Wallace and Gromit.

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