Sunday, 8 September 2013

Suspended for saving a life

The emergency services aren't too bothered about letting people die when the Health and Safety manual indicates that they should do this. But a naughty railway employee clearly isn't up to date with the rules -

"A railway worker who rescued a disabled woman after she fell onto train tracks in Essex has been suspended for breaking health and safety rules. The unnamed worker, believed to be a security guard in his 60s, was one of four people who rescued the wheelchair user after she fell off the platform edge at Southend Central station on 28 August. She was rescued from the track before the next train arrived at the station. A spokesman for train company c2c confirmed that a member of staff had been suspended pending an investigation. He [said] 'We have strict rules regarding the safety procedure for the quickest way of stopping trains in an emergency.'"

The woman fell from the platform five minutes before a train was due to arrive. So if you ever see a manager of c2c fall off a platform as a train approaches, remember to look up the manual. (Thanks to James for the link.)


  1. Sorry if you have already seen my comment, but I feel it is relevant here;

    Don't know if you got the news about the hospital shooting here in Berlin last week?

    Any way. Shots fired, (RIGHT under my ward window during breakfast).

    What happens, The entire ER staff grab stretchers and go running towards the scene, complete with three policemen who just happened to be in the ER at the time taking statements regarding a traffic accident.

    E.R teams, still not knowing if the shooter was "on scene", picked up the injured, as the Police "stood watch and called re-enforcements... which duly arived. (Never seen so many police outside of a Saturday afternoon briefing at Anfield.) Blood everywhere, not even gloves, they had no time to pick them up, and took him into the E.R Operation room, where they saved his life (Head shot).

    Imagine that in the U.K???

    "Ohhh NOOOO Laddie, not until the H&S inspector gets here to assess the situation!"

    1. Nuremburg-style trials are in order, plus ads for German nurses.

  2. This is getting incestuous. I was just about to link to you, LOL.


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