Monday, 30 September 2013

Slow death of the armed forces....

So we really will get one or two aircraft carriers one day. Aircraft won't actually be able to use them, but at least it's a start. We haven't many men to man them, but past over-recruitment (and promotion) of sailoresses will fix that. They just have to scream loudly enough when they spot the enemy and RAF Spitfires will fly out to save them.

The Ministry wants to speed up the redundancy programme by sending SAS troopers on suicide missions, thinking that no one gives a damn about them, so the government won't lose votes when they die - in fact it might even gain some in moslem areas. In reality of course, most people care much more for the SAS than they do for moslems, and would probably consider it a better idea to turn the SAS loose on their jihadi preachers, not to mention MoD staff.

Still, at least it would please the Guardian if more moslems were to join the Territorials, which will be expanding its recruiting efforts soon to make up for the loss of professional soldiers. The new intake would get paid for playing paintball-like games at weekends, and wouldn't even be required to fight.

Because although they could have been court-martialled for refusing to go to Iraq, moslem TA members were let off desertion charges because of their religion. It's probably just as well that they didn't go, or there could have been even more friendly fire than there was, by no means all of it coming from American positions.


  1. A very dear friend of mine's husband was in the navy from the age of 16 up until last year when he was 42, they packed and left for New Zealand because Andy as a Warrant officer one, was fed up with the destruction of the UK's navy the loss of the aircraft carriers with no imminent replacements was a real bone of contention amongst the lads. Andy developed some minor health problems and the Navy wanted to terminated his contract, he decided rather than lose his career and pension to transfer to the NZ navy who would take him, were happy to have him, it meant a drop in rank by one place, but he was promised a work up to his old rank within 2 years and told despite his health issue he would be allowed to stay until at least 60 if not 65 provided his diabetes did not deteriorate.
    Andy kept his career, and his dignity, and NZ navy gained an excellent and experienced officer, what did the UK navy gain?
    Nothing they spent all that money training a fantastic officer to stab him in the back and kick him out. Disgusting.
    My son is in the Army his is the only regiment to remain untouched by the cuts from what he tells me (as he is medical corps) however they are losing the base in Germany where he currently works.
    These cuts are more severe than any I can remember, and my brother went through a similar time during his service, that round of cuts saw him jobless, as they kicked out all the experience for new green blood. Now just when the army starts to recover some ground in goes the boot again. This plan to run our army with TA is a nonsense, with all the wars and nato and UN duties the UK are expected to fulfill not to mention the imminent threat from the "enemy within" which the government has yet to even acknowledge how can we hope to keep our borders safe with a part time army.

  2. PS. this whole "let's put Mooslimes in the army rubbish, well it worked well in the US did it not! No it did NOT!
    All that does is incapacitates your army totally. I can't see serving soldiers being too thrilled. Successive governments have tried this tactic to very little avail thank god, can you imagine if the Mooslimes got a foothold in the armed forces, my god and we think we are in trouble now.....

  3. there could have been even more friendly fire than there was

    Hadn't thought about that.


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