Monday, 9 September 2013

Saving the planet......

Life gets so annoying that a good laugh helps ease things, so I'd like to thank Chuckles for this bit of lunacy -

"Since school corridors have existed, children have been told not to run down them. But a grammar school in Kent has turned the footfall of its pupils into a source of energy. Two dozen specially designed tiles, capable of harnessing kinetic energy and putting it back into the school’s system, have been placed along a corridor at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys. The tiles, made from recycled lorry tyres, convert energy from pupils’ footsteps into sustainable energy using dynamos."

What a marvellous idea. Just think of the hamster owners could fit dynamos to their exercise wheels to supplement the solar power in winter.....and how about kinetic energy runways, so that as Prince Charles sets off for yet another boring speech on global warming, the aircraft's wheels will generate a kilowatt or two for some nice-but-dim lights on the tarmac......perhaps generators could be fitted to pensioners too, so that as they shiver to death through want of affordable, shale gas central heating, they will be able to keep the table-lamp flickering as they tremblingly make out their wills......complete with requests for coffins made from recycled lorry tyres, in order to keep the staff of Simon Langton Grammar School happy.

Seriously, I once spotted a Green Party councillor riding a tricycle during a local election campaign, and told him that a small windmill mounted on his head might generate enough electricity to propel this contraption along. He wasn't the least bit amused.....but then, when was the last time that you saw a Green Party member laugh?

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