Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sacked for saving a life

Recently I blogged about a railway employee who was suspended for saving a life - and now a volunteer ambulanceman (someone who saves lives for no money) has been sacked for saving a life too.

"A dedicated volunteer with the ambulance service has been sacked for breaking the speed limit during an emergency call-out. Godfrey Smith, who has been a ‘first responder’ for 15 years, was sent to help a man in July, but bosses who later examined his ambulance’s sat-nav sacked him when it revealed he drove at 33mph in a 20mph zone. Although Mr Smith drives a marked ambulance and provides life-saving care prior to the arrival of overstretched NHS paramedics, as a volunteer first responder he does not have the same rights to break road laws as fully-fledged ambulance drivers."

As with the above-mentioned railway employee, Mr Smith had to act quickly or a life could easily have been lost - in this case, the life of a man who had collapsed with breathing problems. Next time I hope it's a health and safety nazi from the local ambulance service who collapses, gasping for breath

.....and that a very careful volunteer driver is called out.

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