Friday, 6 September 2013

Passing the buck...or rather, bucks

Our unaccountable Stalinist monolith (no, not the National Health Service - the other one) is a law unto itself -

"The former BBC director general Mark Thompson has accused the BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten of 'fundamentally misleading' parliament over the extent of his knowledge of controversial six-figure payoffs to senior staff at the broadcaster. Thompson alleges that Patten and the BBC Trustee Anthony Fry told 'specific untruths and inaccuracies' in their evidence to MPs on the public accounts committee on 10 July this year....'The insinuation that they were kept in the dark by me or anyone else is false and is not supported by the evidence.' Thompson.....attacked his former boss in a detailed 25-page witness statement that will raises questions for Patten about his knowledge of two controversial severance payments."

Controversial is putting it mildly, as far as the National Audit Office is concerned. As the article continues -

"The public spending watchdog revealed this year that the BBC paid £25m to 150 departing bosses between 2009 and 2012. This week after further scrutiny of the BBC accounts, the NAO said the broadcaster paid out a total of £2.9m in payments that went beyond contractual entitlement between 2006 and 2012."

Thompson is far too modest about the money wasted on his watch. Or his own deception of Parliament - 

"A cool £1 billion on New Broadcasting House (over budget and behind schedule), including the ‘largest newsroom in Europe’… another £1 billion on the white elephant MediaCity in Salford, with £24million to bribe staff to move north…Well over £100million down the drain, on a ‘completely valueless’ computer system (and MPs deceived about it by former director general Mark Thompson)… losses of £10million on the sale of studios in Manchester…"

Still, it's only our money

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