Tuesday, 10 September 2013

News round-up

In the pro-censorship Guardian newspaper, Chris Huhne blames the Murdoch press for getting him into trouble. Unsurprisingly he's in favour of censorship too, as are all his old friends in Brussels. A Birmingham college has banned burkhas, thus outraging fanatical girl students (and no doubt their elderly husbands who borrow them to fly various oddments home from Pakistan). The Council of Europe, which runs the Strasburg Court, is pressing ahead with its transsexual equality plans - expect vicars in frocks and beards soon.

The BBC has been exposed for giving a fortune away to departing members of staff. It funds this scheme by threatening hard-up people with prosecution, license fee defaulters accounting for a tenth of all court cases. Governments in the pay of big oil firms are pressing for war against (Iranian ally) Syria, in the face of popular and parliamentary opposition on both sides of the Atlantic.

Despite video evidence of stampeding football fans trampling each other to death, a blogger has received threats to his life and a visit from the police for mentioning it. Meanwhile street preachers carry on inciting violence as normal under police protection. Armed police now protect the Queen by threatening members of the Royal Family with automatic weapons, their traditional strategy of letting madmen scale the walls to defend her having been discredited. Another batch of white celebrities has been released without charge, which police fear could divert public attention back to endemic moslem grooming. Better compensation would attract more reliable victims.

Only half as many Scots as English people now want financial independence, as the oil runs out and as Alex Salmond presses for greater powers to tax Scots to make up the revenue shortfall. As the increase in ice coverage at both the North and South Poles breaks records, and as the Germans ditch wind power for more coal mines, green terrorists demonstrate in favour of high electricity bills, since a survey has shown that the elderly are not very left wing, and so should all die of hypothermia rather than vote.

And in pursuit of the new localism, the government plans to transfer planning powers from local councils to ministerially-appointed judges. Going on past form (Hutton covering up for the assassination of David Kelly, and Leveson trying to censor the press) it should then become possible to implement Brussels' HS2 project, the latest estimated bill to the taxpayer having risen to £75 billion, or three times the eventual cost of the Olympics.

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