Friday, 20 September 2013

Murder and smoking

If boredom can drive some prisoners to commit murder -

"Two prison inmates strangled a Huddersfield child-killer to death after taking him hostage at a maximum security jail because they were 'bored'....West Mercia Police said...'no one deserves to be killed in this way and it has caused his family a great deal of heartache'.”

Being deprived of tobacco should really get them going -

"A ban on smoking in all areas of jails in England and Wales is being considered by the Prison Service. A pilot is expected to begin next year, with a ban likely by 2015. It is thought the move is linked to potential legal action by staff and inmates."

The child killer had tortured his two-year-old victim for a month before she died of her injuries. Let's hope the smoking ban leads to many more cases of entirely justified capital punishment in our prisons.

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  1. For every nonces bollox, a 200 packet of Capstain full strength.

    That should cure the overcrowding.


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