Friday, 6 September 2013

Jimmy Savile and the gold diggers

Hearsay, compensation culture, and an institutional desire to distract our attention from moslem grooming.....that's why elderly white celebrities, including the dead ones, are copping it. From Anna Raccoon's latest post -

"Savile left his money to a tranche of charities. Help the Heroes, and (ironically, in the present climate) a domestic abuse and child protection charity, amongst others. That is the target that the CFAs have in their sights. Those millions rightfully belonged to the charities, minus any debts on his estate, from the very second that he died. They would have been in safe hands by now, doing good work for legless servicemen, had Savile’s great-niece not decided that she was remarkably pi**ed off at not being named in his will and come up with a tale – now formally refuted in police statements by 11 members of his family – of how she was ‘abused by him’ by their account some years before she met him. The case represented a potential debt on the estate, and so, from that moment, the executors were unable to put the money to good use, they had to sit and wait to see what happened next....."

"Can you even begin to explain to me how ‘Justice’ is served by using an unproven allegation, that can never be defended, as requiring Leeds General Hospital to be deprived of a much needed new life saving scanner – where does that fit on the scale between Restorative and Retributive? How does taking money from Help the Heroes ‘encourage a dead alleged offender’ to make restitution to society? Perhaps you want to tell me that if the alleged victims get their money they will be able to seek professional help to recover from their trauma – not if they live in the north of England they won’t – the charity that might have helped them won’t have the bequest they were expecting to pay their rent, the ‘alleged Victim’ will have it – so how does that work? Will the ‘closed due to lack of funding’ sign on the front door bring them closure on their trauma?"


  1. Just come across this ! Nice one - You might want to have a gander at my blog Justice For Jimmy Savile

  2. What about his victims, they deserve justice, you are bonkers if you think Savile innocent!

    1. Your use of invective reveals your tabloid mentality.

  3. And the prize for the best stirrer and bovine excreter


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