Monday, 30 September 2013

Gypsy MP quotas

Thanks to Quiet Man for this horrifying quote from the Express -

"A report outlining a quota scheme is set to go before MEPs and may soon be adopted by the European Parliament. If it becomes law, all the political parties in the UK will have to impose female gypsy candidates on the electorate and get them into ­Parliament. The scheme is also aimed at using quotas to force ­gypsy civil servants and councillors on the British public. The revelations about the contents of European Parliament’s Empowerment Of Romani Women report provoked outrage yesterday. Ukip Euro MP Gerard Batten said: 'This is the start of yet another piece of ideologically motivated crackpot legislation from the EU...I can guarantee that when this goes before the European Parliament it will be voted for by a majority of MEPs'."

It's not enough that the EU has introduced "equalities" legislation allowing employers to discriminate against the ethnic majority. Not enough that a quota of female directors looks set to be imposed on European company boards. We will now be expected to vote for travelling (until they build their illegal shacks) criminals, and pay for them to whine about how persecuted they are in Westminster. What on Earth has happened to our civil rights? They seem to have been abolished in favour of group rights, in imitation of the Nuremberg Laws.

Let's see David Cameron "renegotiate" himself out of this one.


  1. Any link to the actual report or is this just another piece of Express fiction?



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