Monday, 2 September 2013

EU wants to know where you are

Pinch me - doesn't Cameron keep saying that one day, he's going to repatriate some powers from Brussels?

"British drivers could be forced to have their cars fitted with technology that keeps them within the speed limit under new EU rules. The planned road safety regulations would require new vehicles to have systems capable of detecting limits through cameras or satellites and automatically applying the brakes. Existing cars would have to be fitted with the devices, which would mean that no car in the UK could go over the 70mph speed limit for motorways."

EU satellite "Galileo" - which is also meant to control missiles - will be watching you. If it was really just a matter of checking the speed limit, cars would simply use cameras to read the road signs. But a satellite can bill you for road usage too, and monitor your movements into the bargain. Never heard of Brussels' database of troublemakers?

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