Monday, 2 September 2013

Do Sikhs groom Sikh children?

According to the BBC website you would think so, even though it's the moslems who are the problem. This article is entitled "Is there a Sikh code of silence on sexual grooming?", and it doesn't mention the "M" word once -

"Six men were jailed at Leicester Crown Court last week for offences including facilitating child prostitution. The convictions are being heralded as a legal landmark because it is the first high-profile case involving a Sikh victim of sexual abuse which has led to convictions in the UK.....there are potentially dozens of other young Sikh victims of sexual exploitation and few of these cases have come to court....."

On and on the article goes, castigating Sikh families for telling the victims to keep quiet about it. To continue -

"Counsellor Emma Kenny says that, over the past few years, she has noticed the number of Sikh girls requiring help after enduring sexual abuse is on the rise. 'We have cases where Sikh children have actually been forbidden from speaking up or removed from their home environment when they talk about the fact they are being sexually exploited or groomed,' she says...."

Now we're getting near the end of this long, damning article, by which time many site visitors will have moved on -

"Yet even when some Sikh parents are brave enough to risk family honour and do report incidents of sexual grooming to the police, there are concerns that their cases are poorly investigated. Deputy Children's Commissioner for England Sue Berelowitz, admits that 'there is quite a way to go in terms of police forces around the country waking up to the fact that there are ethnic minority victims of sexual abuse'."

The police try to ignore ethnic majority victims as well - in fact they prefer to blame them for moslem grooming. That's the BBC's attitude, too. While the Deputy Children's Commissioner hasn't even heard of grooming.

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  1. Sexual abuse happens in all communities. The cover up for various reasons, some good some bad, happens in all communities as well.

    The difference between this intra-communal and intra-familial abuse and the Islamic Grooming Gangs is the choice of victim.

    The Islamic Grooming Gangs seem to exclusively target those girls from communities which Islam denigrates and which the Islamic ideology lists as being either worthless or having value only as slaves.

    Paedophillia is a paraphillia that can occur anywhere, The mass grooming of the 'other' appears very much to be an Islamic thing, which is not only happening in the UK as I understand.

    Re the Sikhs, I grew up in an area where Sikhs were visible and I grew to respect them. What I'm hearing now is that the Sikhs are leaving this area in greater numbers because the Islamificaiton of the areas is putting their daughters and sisters at risk.


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