Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Banning the veil

Following my post which mentioned a Birmingham college banning girls from wearing sacks with slits in them, it has now transpired that the college has relented. UKIP's Roger Helmer MEP offers us some of his thoughts -

"There was a recent case where a judge insisted that an accused Muslim woman should be seen for purposes of identification. She refused. Eventually a compromise was reached where a woman police officer saw the accused’s face privately and verified the identity to the Court. This seems to me to be the start of a very slippery slope. For judge and jury to form an impression of the reliability of a witness, it seems to me essential that they should be able to see the witness’s face and expression. Mere verification of identity is not by itself sufficient, and in my view the judge was wrong to allow it."

"In schools, again, facial expressions are an essential part of communication. The pupil must see the teacher, and the teacher must see the pupil. In commercial and social transactions, the same comments apply. And of course we already ban motorcyclists from covering their faces with crash helmets (although for different reasons) in banks. It may not be a major issue for most of us, but there have been cases of (usually male) criminals and terrorists covering themselves in the burka to commit offences...."

I once overheard a feminist describing burkhas as liberating to some other silly bitches. And it's true - they liberate women from the shame of showing their bruises. After all, the koran does tell men how to beat their wives.

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