Friday, 13 September 2013

Aborting girls for their gender is not on

The Crown Prosecution Service has refused to sanction the prosecution of doctors who aborted a girl just because she was a girl - even though abortion by gender is illegal. It says that such an action wouldn't be in the public interest, meaning that it doesn't want to upset those Indians and Chinese living in Britain who think a girl's life is worth less than a boy's. Predictably, feminists have kept quiet about this case because they too are cowards, placing race (and indeed religious) rights above gender rights. But now the Christian Legal Centre is mounting a private prosecution. As one campaigner put it -

“If the CPS won’t do its job then concerned citizens will step in. The CPS is giving the message that people wanting sex-selective abortions should come to Britain. If the law is not upheld it will be flouted by unscrupulous people.”

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