Saturday, 17 August 2013

Travellers flatten a chunk of Offa's Dyke

We all know that travellers are allowed to do virtually what they want with the British landscape, because unlike the rest of us they have human rights. But now they've gone just a little bit toooooo far -

"Police are investigating allegations that a group of travellers destroyed part of the protected dyke considered one of the most important ancient monuments in Britain. Bosses at Cadw, the Welsh Government's the heritage body, also confirmed they are looking into the matter.....It is a criminal offence to disrupt or damage the dyke, which is designated a ‘scheduled ancient monument’ because of its historical significance, and anyone caught doing so can be punished with six months in jail or a £5,000 fine."

Only £5,000? Think of the profit travellers could make on turning Stonehenge into hardcore for a new mosque. Still, mustn't make "allegations" about these "travellers"....not that they're doing much travelling. Let's talk to the landowner who ordered this 50 yard section of our national heritage to be levelled -

"The man, who gave his name only as ‘Danny’, claimed: ‘I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never heard of Offa’s Dyke. 'We bought this from a bloke next door and want to put stables on it. Nobody said anything to us about a historic monument, it wasn’t mentioned.’ When asked if he belonged to the travelling community, he responded: ‘What’s that got to do with it?’"

The Welsh Assembly has kept pretty quiet about this outrage, firstly because it doesn't want to appear racist, and secondly because of its racism toward the English. Offa was King of Mercia at a time when this Anglo-Saxon state extended well into present-day Wales, and he built the Dyke to keep the Welsh out.


Keep it clean.....