Friday, 2 August 2013

Top crook resigns

Last month I blogged on how Britain's version of the FBI was letting corporates and the rich get away with hacking murder while the police arrested journalists for doing exactly the same thing. Here's the family connection -

"Sir Ian Andrews stepped down from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) after failing to disclose that he owns a consultancy with his wife, Moira, who works for a leading international investigations firm. Soca is facing questions over why it refused to name more than 100 blue-chip clients of corrupt investigators, who were involved in blagging, hacking and stealing private information.....the list includes 22 law firms, alongside several insurance companies, financial services groups and two celebrities....Mrs Andrews, 54, works as a general counsel for G3, an international investigator with offices in London and New York. It represents a host of multinational companies, including investment banks and law firms...."

In other words the kind of clients which her husband should have been investigating. In fact he should have been investigating G3 too, and his wife. And how about this "consultancy" outfit which they own? The article continues -

"In February last year, she and Sir Ian.....set up Abis Partnership Limited, a consultancy registered at a mailbox address in Cheshire. Companies House records disclose few details about the work it may have done, but Sir Ian.....said that through the company he has 'delivered services' for ....Transparency International....Soca declined to say whether Mrs Andrews received any remuneration from G3 via the service company. Soca will be transformed into the National Crime Agency in October under new leadership with a wider remit to tackle organised crime."

Companies registered at mailbox addresses are dodgy, and this one is clearly just a front for payments from information thieves G3 to the wife of Britain's FBI chief, without her name being mentioned. And I doubt very much whether either member of this Bonnie and Clyde team has ever been involved with Transparency International, because that well-respected body specialises in uncovering government corruption.

There are no plans to change the way Soca is run, but it will now be getting a new boss, a new name and a new remit to look into even more organised crime in future. So that's all right then.


  1. after failing to disclose that he owns a consultancy with his wife, Moira, who works for a leading international investigations firm

    Bit of a dill I'd have thought.

    1. Like former Labour treasurer Jack Dromey, who failed to notice the soft loans from peerage hunters...or ex-CND treasurer Cathy Ashton, who didn't spot the Soviet bribes....


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