Friday, 23 August 2013

The government giveth, and taketh away....

George Osborne has caught the Labour bug of financing vote-catching gimmicks. See what you think of this one -

"Seaside towns are being invited to bid for money from a £29m funding pot aimed at boosting deprived areas. The government says its Coastal Communities Fund is being extended to 2014-15, due to rising marine revenue.....the money behind it comes from the Crown Estates, which own the rights to fish-farms, wind farms, ports and marinas. Successful bidders are given money equivalent to 50% of revenues generated from things like offshore wind and tidal power and ship moorings in the area."

Yes, the Crown owns the sea-bed and charges a rent for its use. So does this mean renewables are making money for the Treasury? Of course. The pity of it is that renewable energy has to be backed up by conventional power stations, which kick in whenever the wind's not blowing hard enough, or indeed when it's blowing too much - thus pushing up the cost per megawatt way beyond that of energy generated from gas or coal alone. And because costs are averaged out regardless of power source, we pay the highest electricity bills in Europe. We would be paying the lowest if we switched to shale gas - keeping pensioners alive in winter, and boosting our economic competitiveness into the bargain.

The police should turn their water cannon on environmental terrorists like Caroline Lucas MP - and those corrupt politicians with their snouts in the renewables trough. The Parliamentary pigsty could do with a good clean-out.


  1. Yes, the Crown owns the sea-bed and charges a rent for its use.

    Did we vote to give them that ownership? I can't recall it.

    1. Descending from a long line of bandits and, we didn't


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