Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Smoke your way to health

From "Anna frustrated". Thanks to the Filthy Engineer for the link -

"I'm close on seventy years old. In all that time the only health problems I've ever had were associated with sporadic attempts to abandon the dreaded death sticks. Mostly I realised for myself that I'd done it long enough and did the sensible thing. On the last occasion, at the anguished pleading of my then teenage daughter, I lasted five years. By the end of those five years I'd developed virulent psoriasis from stress, was three stone overweight, at severe risk of developing the type 2 diabetes inherent in my family and on such strong prescription anti-depressants that they themselves were sending me insane."

"Eventually the daughter who'd begged me to give it up begged me to take it up again. I did, thirteen years ago. 20-a-day later I'd ditched the anti-depressants, the psoriasis cleared up and I needed no more NHS treatment. I rapidly returned to a healthy weight with no prospect of diabetes and I've never had a day's ill-health since."

"I'm not saying that smoking is good for anyone, or even denying that there are those predisposed to its bad effects. However I do resent the tickbox culture and the fact is whatever NHS costs I have incurred hitherto have been as a direct result of 'giving up' and that no matter what happens to me hereafter there is no NHS cost that could exceed what I have paid in tobacco tax since I was puffing behind the school bike sheds around 1962. Meanwhile the tax on cigarettes goes up & up and my weight goes down & down as I compensate for the tax by reducing food expenditure. Currently at 5' 5" and 6st 9lbs.*"

"That doesn't bother me, it's my choice, but what DOES make me laugh is if I drop dead tomorrow they'll say it's an early 'smoking-related' death and entirely ignore it was probably down to malnourishment due to smoking policy!"

(* Any immature children reading this blog can do the conversion to metric measurements themselves.)


  1. Gosh, I'll have to take it up then.

    1. Smoking kills germs by fumigating the lungs. It should be offered to health-minded schoolchildren as an alternative to sport.


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