Saturday, 10 August 2013

Racism round-up

Government vans telling illegal immigrants to go home have been criticised as racist, because these people are, unsurprisingly, not British. UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has been criticised as racist for referring to corrupt aid recipients as hailing from Bongo-Bongo Land, even though such aid recipients really are from Bongo-Bongo Land, or whatever it was renamed after being liberated from the British Empire by genocidal, panga-wielding terrorists. Worse, even UKIP has criticised Bloom for his utterance, in an effort to curry better coverage from the BBC as the "nice", rather than the "nasty", party that they used to be...which is funny, as that used to be the Tories' job.

The islamic fashion for throwing acid over women's faces has spread to Zanzibar...not that this is racist because the victims are all British. Moslems really have won more than a handful of Nobel Prizes because Richard Dawkins says they haven't and that, of course, is racist. Eric Pickles is racist for ordering squatters, who happen to be foreigners, to get off public land. A New York mayoral hopeful is racist for cheeking an ITV hack in a mock English accent...or he would be if she wasn't English...and I'm racist for using the E-word as Brussels wants to carve us up into nine bite-sized regions....whoops, how racist of me to criticise Europe (quacks like a duck and goes mad).

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