Saturday, 10 August 2013

NHS violence latest

It's not just the relatives of butchered NHS patients who are bullied -

"Hospital whistle-blower Julie Bailey has become the target of hate mail and death threats. Julie, 49, highlighted appalling care, abuse and blunders after her 86-year-old mother died at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital after a routine hernia op. A public inquiry said between 400 and 1,200 patients died needlessly at the hospital....the Labour Party were forced to apologise to Ms Bailey after a video appeared on their website joking about her dying."

- as I reported in 2011. Now it's responsible staff whistleblowers too -

"A hospital whistleblower who claims she was bullied by colleagues after raising concerns about nursing practices was offered just 56 pence in compensation to settle her case, a court heard. Healthcare assistant Gillian Austin, 58, is attempting to sue Southend University Hospital for £185,000 in damages claiming she was subjected to six months of victimisation. She says she reported a nurse for taking just four-and-a-half hours break between shifts believing it was putting patients at risk."

Only 56p? Some people get much more than that out of the system -

"The NHS spent £15million in three years on gagging whistleblowers.... there were 598 ‘special severance payments’, almost all of which carried draconian confidentiality clauses aimed at silencing whistleblowers."

But then they know many more dark NHS secrets than Gillian Austin.

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