Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Latest mosque fire insurance job

Fahrenheit 211 has his doubts about the latest alleged atrocity, this time in the Enriched Borough of Harlow -

"Firstly, sealing the doors with industrial foam before then setting fire to the foam itself strikes me as a very unusual way of starting a fire. If the alleged arsonist had indeed gone to the trouble of sealing the doors with something like insulating foam, why not make a better job of setting the fire itself? To only set fire to the foam itself, bearing in mind that many spray foams appear to be either fire resistant or fire retardant, looks either like extreme stupidity or as if someone wanted to cause a small fire resulting in a lot of fuss......[There are] a lot of what looks like building materials including a toilet pan in an area next to a boiler cylinder. The storage of materials alone looks like a fire waiting to happen....."

"This case looks like it has a lot in common with the Muswell Hill arson where a mosque that had grand ambitions, but little cash, caught fire causing the idiots of the local council to wet themselves and cough up taxpayers money for a replacement mosque. This has raised suspicions that all is not as it seems with the Muswell Hill arson case."

Still, as Fahrenheit 211 points out, islam does seem to generate an awful lot of resentment, unlike other faiths. Could this be anything to do with endemic child grooming, or rampant religious terrorism, perhaps?

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