Sunday, 11 August 2013

It's an offence to cause offence.....

Well, almost. I mentioned gingerism last year - although it didn't have a name then - and it's getting worse -

"People with red hair in Scotland are being encouraged to show off their true colours in a Ginger Pride march through Edinburgh today. The militant redheads say they face prejudice and cruel taunts and it is now time to 'show they are pale, ginger and proud'...[a spokesman said] 'Even though it isn't a real word, gingerism exists. And bullying exists, you can't deny there are kids that are being subjected to taunts in school just for having red hair'."

These ginger bankers (it's a speech impediment, so don't bully me) affect not to notice real "prejudice and cruel taunts" in this country. For example you can be beheaded just for being in the Army, ignored if you're a white victim of black crime, and raped if you're a non-moslem child. Gingerism is just displaced rage by moral cowards who prefer to straitjacket their own kind rather than confronting the true enemies within. And as genuine persecution intensifies, many more such cowards will emerge, most of whom will not have the excuse of ginger hair through which to channel their repressed anger.

All with the encouragement of the establishment, who like to distract our attention from the real problems.

In future you might be sued for calling someone with thinning hair "baldy". How about teenaged girls who call their skinny classmates "pimples"? Imagine the repercussions when short people are called "shrimps". In fact there's only one limit to the number of physical characteristics that we can complain we are being victimised for.

And that's the number of compo lawyers

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