Saturday, 3 August 2013

Institutionalised child abuse

Social workers are worse than useless. Some terse and timely commentary from Christopher Booker -

"Daniel Pelka represents one of the most glaring examples of a failure by our 'child protection' system since the case of Peter Connolly hit the headlines in 2008. The 'Baby P' scandal is widely cited by the authorities as the reason why, since April 2008, the number of applications to remove children from their families in England and Wales has more than doubled, from 380 to nearly 1,000 a month. The impression given is that our social workers have now become doubly vigilant to ensure that such a horrifying series of blunders is never repeated. This, however, is belied by the statistics that show that in the past three years, the number of children removed from their families for 'physical abuse' has actually fallen, from 5,000 to 4,600. By far the biggest percentage increase, 56 per cent, has been in children removed for 'emotional abuse'. This includes that wonderfully vague excuse, increasingly fashionable with social workers, of 'the risk of emotional abuse', meaning that they don’t even have to show that children have been actually abused, merely that there may be a possibility of this happening sometime."

So to pretend that they are doing their jobs properly, social workers seize on innocent families and destroy them, farming the children out to their friends' care companies or getting them adopted - often by monsters.

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