Friday, 23 August 2013

Gypsies - getting away with murder, as usual

After flattening part of Offa's dyke, this oppressed (sic) minority hits the headlines in Brighton (thanks Julia M) -

"Firefighters had rocks and other debris thrown at them as they tried to tackle a blaze on an unauthorised traveller encampment. About 70 vehicles have been on Waterhall playing fields in Mill Road, Brighton, for more than a week. But crews from East Sussex Fire and Rescue are now refusing to attend any more incidents at the site without police presence after they had things thrown at them when dealing with an arson incident......after reports of a group of children setting some trees on fire......a 'wolflike' dog was being goaded into attacking the 999 team while there were reports of people trying to take things off the engine."

"It is the latest report of antisocial behaviour at the site. In recent days locals have reported dog walkers being intimidated and motorbikes being driven across sports pitches. [Rugby club manager] Mr Tams said he had lost out on thousands of pounds of business since the groups had moved on as sports teams had cancelled bookings. He added: 'We have spent so much time and money sorting out pitches for the new season and it has now been trashed by people riding vehicles across it.'.....[police] will be speaking to adults to make them aware of the incident and to take appropriate steps to supervise their children.' "

Why not arrest them for threatening behaviour and criminal damage instead? Police are much harsher on gypsies in Eastern Europe, where they often complain of being treated as subhumans. And as more of them flock to Western Europe - with an avalanche predicted from January next year - more of us are finding out why they are so regarded.

The Indians didn't kick them out in the middle ages for nothing


  1. These Gypsy communities pose an increasing problem, they think that stealing is a job.
    The Romanians are the worst, with their "if it is not nailed down pinch it" attitude.
    My understanding of them being allowed into the UK currently is that they must be self sufficient, I don't call nicking and then hawking stolen goods self sufficiency I call it theft.
    I pointed this out to our local law enforcement, after catching a Romanian gypsy stealing from the donated clothes bin outside our local supermarket and watching her load her trolley with items then push it up the road to the rag buying shop and emerge 10 mins later with cash, taking the trolley back for another run. I was appalled these items are donated for a cancer charity, on approaching the supermarket I was told "well we know it happens they do it all the time but we can't stop em we can't watch the bins 24/7"
    "IT'S THEFT those items are donated for charity NOT to line gypsy pockets"
    "well you can report it to the police but they won't do nothing, the gypos pretend they no speekie da lingo and will swear they didn't know it was illegal"
    If I behaved in that way I would be arrested so why are they not.
    It seems to me this multi culturalism only works one way and not for the better of UK society.


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