Sunday, 25 August 2013


The Guardia Civil have now swum underwater and planted the Spanish flag on some concrete blocks which the Gibraltar government had placed on the sea bed - in British territorial waters - to encourage fish to breed. This was done after decades of illegal Spanish overfishing (something which goes on in the North and Irish Seas as well) had depleted fish stocks. So our territory has now been invaded - an outrage which even Franco chickened out of, despite offers of Nazi help.

There must be something in the Latin blood. Just like Spain, the government of Argentina gets belligerent over British territory in order to distract citizens' attention from corruption and economic mismanagement at home. Both countries have a background of fascist dictatorship too, with scant regard for civil liberties. That's all right by me - they can't complain if we send our Trident missile-equipped submarines on some fishing trips of their own. About a mile offshore from Buenos Aires and Barcelona will do, so that the crews can wave to the locals from their conning towers.

Instead that grovelling little tick William Hague begs Brussels to declare the Spanish action unlawful, whilst hoping that the UN won't make him discuss the Falklands with El Presidente - that grotesque Joan Collins impersonator caked with make-up. Trident will soon become obsolete, so let's try some nuclear diplomacy while it still works.

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