Monday, 12 August 2013

Drug-smuggling tarts banged up in Peru

Well, that's not quite how the Mail puts it, weeping tears for this pair of low-lifes as if it was the Guardian -

"Two British girls locked up in Peruvian jail have not eaten for seven days and are said to be terrified and hysterical after they were arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle £1.5million of cocaine out of the country. Michaella McCollum Connolly, 20, and Melissa Reid, 19, are being held in maximum security cells following claims the pair may have been working for a South American cartel. Twelve guards armed with automatic assault rifles and handguns patrol the perimeter of the building."

Later the article reveals that the girls (one of them a "night club hostess" and "aspiring model") had decided not to eat - probably hoping that the wet British press would interpret this as ill-treatment. The newspaper drips on -

"As far as their parents knew, Miss Reid and Miss McCollum Connolly were spending the summer working in bars and clubs around the Mediterranean. But now they are facing up to 25 years in jail if convicted ....Former counsel general in Lima, Michael Russell, said Peruvian jails are 'pretty dour and horrible. It's all a matter of money, quite frankly. You have to buy your space, you have to buy your food. If you don't have money you suffer quite a lot.'"

Liar. Peru would be crucified by the UN if it starved its prisoners. Mind you, perhaps these two should be starved to death - after all drug smugglers cause other people to die. But that's quite enough from the retired "counsel" general (clearly Irish consuls general don't give their nationals any food money). Back to the babes in the wood -

"Miss Reid and Miss McCollum Connolly were arrested last Tuesday after officers say they found more than 11kg of the Class A drug in their suitcases as they checked in for a 6,000-mile flight back to Spain."

Apparently the "vulnerable Britons" (sic) were victims of a drug smuggling gang, which suggests that perhaps they really are brainless bimbos - that's if you believe this sort of journalism. Like that other pretend victim Lindsay Sandiford, whom I blogged about last year. She's now on Death Row for her role in a Bali cocaine-smuggling operation. Let's hope her final appeal fails and that this 56 year old innocent gets to meet the firing squad.

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  1. Meaning trying to smuggle it out without paying The Man?


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